Don't have time for a full assessment?  Try a Roughcheck!

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Quick and easy assessments offering checklist style questions with added intelligence by way of help and comments together with adjustable risks and rewards plus user notes.

Starting a new project but unsure where to begin or how to approach it?  Combining a check-list with a helpful tutorial, a Roughcheck assessment offers the ability to quickly get up to speed and learn as you start your project offering the why as well as the why not for each task.  Along the journey you will find enough background knowledge to put each task into perspective without being overwhelming.  With help available to help assess the Risks and Rewards / Opportunities and Pitfalls and the ability to make notes as the assessment progresses, offering better insight into the tasks ahead and the steps to get there.

Is this how you help your clients, colleagues and prospects achieve their goals?  If so then this Joomla component may be able to help organise the questions, answers and guidance into an easy to manage and use as part of your website.

Roughcheck is by nature a generic tool and not intended to replace either experts or experience, if anything, it is to help prepare for and make better use of such experts and experience.

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